Das Bild zeigt einen Doppelstockzug der SBB.

With about 32,500 employees, SBB moves people and goods, connects centres and opens up different parts of the country. A rail journey in Switzerland is about 6 times more energy-efficient and emits 27 times less CO2 than a journey by car over a comparable distance. With its sustainable mobility offering, SBB thus contributes significantly to the implementation of the Federal Government’s Energy Strategy 2050.

Energy strategy

SBB intends to switch completely to renewable energy by 2040: from 2025 onwards, SBB’s trains will run on power sourced 100% from renewable energy, and its fossil-fuel building heating systems will be converted by 2030. SBB plans to convert its shunting and construction-site locomotives to alternative-drive systems by 2040. In addition, it is planned to save 20% of the annual power consumption forecast for 2025 (600 GWh/y). SBB sets itself science-based targets and wants to be climate-neutral from 2030 onwards.

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