Services Industriels de Genève SIG

Das Bild zeigt eine Ladestation für Elektroautos der SIG.

SIG is a Swiss local utility provider, and is owned by the municipalities, City and State of Geneva. It provides water, gas, electricity and thermal energy to 240,000 clients spread across the entire canton of Geneva. SIG has 1,750 employees, and is involved in wastewater treatment, waste recycling and the provision of services in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Energy and climate

SIG plays a major role in implementing the energy policy of the canton of Geneva, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 60 per cent by 2030. It is investing 1.5 billion Swiss francs to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources and heat capture to 80 per cent. SIG is also pushing ahead with its programme to explore and exploit geothermal energy sources, with which it intends to use to cover 30 per cent of heating requirements by 2050, as well as to increase the rate of installation of new solar power stations and construct windfarms in Switzerland.


Under the EEC initiative, SIG has pledged to meet the following targets:

1. Increasing energy efficiency

Benchmark: 2018/2019

  • Target for 2026: +4%
  • Target for 2030: +7%

2. Switching to renewable energies

Thermal energy and fuels

  • Target for 2026: 44% renewables
  • Target for 2030: 51% renewables


  • Target for 2026: 100% from renewable sources

3. Producing green power


  • Production in 2021: 19.1GWh
  • Target for 2026: +32.9GWh
  • Target for 2030: +56.9GWh


Like all the participants, SIG has undertaken to implement the joint measures. In addition, SIG is also implementing the following individual measures:

1. Customer energy savings
2030: –134GWh/year (compared with 2020)

2. Augment geothermal energy production
2030: 90GWh thermal energy from geothermal sources

3. Increase biogas production
2030: 80GWh/year

4. Triple solar power output (including among customers)
2025: 170.6MWp

5. Reduce gas consumption by clients through the éco21 programme
2025: –59,000t CO2 (compared to 2020)

Further information

Up-to-date information on the implementation status of this participant’s targets and measures is published in our Energy and Climate Report. SIG also provides information on its own website about its commitments in the area of energy and climate.