Das Bild zeigt einen Kunden im Swisscom-Shop.

With 6.33 million mobile phone customers, 1.55 million television subscribers and 2.5 million broadband connections for private and business customers, Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland. In addition, Swisscom builds and maintains mobile phone and landline infrastructure, broadcasts radio signals, builds and operates data centres and operates in the banking, energy, entertainment, advertising and health sectors. In 2019, Swisscom generated sales of CHF 11.4 billion with 19,300 employees.

Energy strategy

Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and meets 100% of its electricity requirements from renewable energy. By 2025, CO2 savings should exceed Swisscom’s own emissions by 500,000 tonnes.

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