Institutional investors

Institutional investors commit to implement the following joint measures.

1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from directly held property

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Participants improve the climate compatibility of their property portfolio by replacing fossil heating systems with renewable systems and through building upgrades. They also implement a reduction strategy for greenhouse gas emissions and set a target for the year 2030.

2. Active dialogue with portfolio companies and exercise of voting rights

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Participants pursue active dialogue with particularly climate-relevant portfolio companies with the aim of bringing about a development towards the net zero target. The participants commit to ensuring that voting behaviour at general assemblies is compatible with this target.

3. Transparent disclosure of climate indicators for shares and corporate bonds

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To provide information on the climate compatibility of their shares and corporate bonds, participants develop a transparent and comparable measurement concept based on established standards.

4. Climate criteria in the selection and monitoring of external asset management

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Participants that mandate external asset managers or, for example, invest in funds or investment foundations take climate-related issues into account in the selection and monitoring of external asset managers.

5. Transparent communication between participants and their stakeholders

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The participants report annually to their insured parties and pension recipients as well as to the broader public on their progress with regard to the implementation of measures and attainment of goals for specific asset classes.