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BLS is a public transport company operating in the canton of Bern and the surrounding cantons. It provides train, bus and boat travel services. BLS plays an important role in Switzerland’s transport system: every year it carries over 60 million passengers, transports 1.3 million vehicles on the Lötschberg car train and also moves large volumes of freight. BLS joined our initiative in autumn 2023.

Energy and climate

The environment is one of five strategic priorities in BLS’ new 2030+ strategy. Under this strategy, BLS is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, increasing its energy efficiency, promoting biodiversity, implementing initial steps towards a circular economy and advocating greater transparency in supply chains. For example, BLS is continuously increasing the energy efficiency of its passenger transport services by improving the heating, cooling and lighting systems in existing trains, setting high energy-efficiency standards for its new fleets and ensuring that train crews know how to use energy responsibly.


BLS has pledged to achieve ambitious energy and climate targets under the EEC initiative. These will be set by the end of 2023.


Like all the participants, BLS has undertaken to implement the joint measures. It is also implementing individual measures. The specific reduction targets for these are currently (October 2023) being set.

Further information

Up-to-date information on the implementation status of this participant’s targets and measures will be published in our Energy and Climate Report as of 2024. BLS also provides information on its own website about its commitments in the area of energy and climate.