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Review of the first phase

Our ten actors have successfully concluded the first phase of the initiative and were able to increase their energy efficiency by 31.1% compared to the base year of 2006. This was made possible by 39 joint and 117 specific measures. They are now starting the second phase together with five new actors.

You can find an overview of the first phase in the 2013–2020 Report (PDF, 11 MB, 22.06.2021).

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Calculating life cycle costs with ease

«Exemplary Energy and Climate» has produced a tool for easy calculation of the life cycle costs when it comes to the procurement of vehicles, ICT devices and heating systems. This enables showing the CO2 savings and environmental impact points at the same time.

The LCC Tool is downloadable for free.

What's it all about?


The «Exemplary Energy and Climate» initiative is one of twelve measures of the Energy Strategy 2050. It is aimed at the main Swiss providers of publicly relevant services that are seeking to operate in an innovative and exemplary manner in terms of energy. By signing a declaration of intent, they undertake to make an ambitious contribution to increasing energy efficiency and expanding the use of renewable energy in Switzerland.

The first phase took place from 2013 to 2020, the second phase will continue until 2030.

Fifteen participants are making a contribution towards restricting global warming to less than 1.5 degrees: They are continuously increasing their energy efficiency and consistently switching to renewable energies. Towards this end, they are expanding the production of electricity from ecological sources. They are implementing 15 predefined joint measures in the areas of management, procurement and operations as well as numerous individual measures. In terms of energy efficiency, ecological electricity production and the share of renewable heating/cooling and fuels, the participants have set individual target values to achieve by 2026 and 2030, respectively, whereas the share of renewable electricity is to be 100 percent for all of them by 2026 at the latest.

The participants report transparently on their target achievement and share their experiences so that other companies and organisations can also benefit from them. It's easier together!


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