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News participants: BLS and university hospitals

Our annual conference took place on 24 October 2023 at Basel University Hospital. The highlight of the day's agenda was the accession of BLS and the university hospitals of Basel, Bern, Geneva and Lausanne to the initiative.

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Energy and Climate report 2022

In 2022, the participants carried out energy retrofits on 91,000m2 of energy reference area. They consumed around 6,450 GWh of final energy, of which 4,200 GWh (around 65%) came from renewable sources.

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As part of the Exemplary Energy and Climate (EEC) initiative, providers of publicly relevant services and institutional investors are contributing to the Energy Strategy 2050 and the 2015 Paris Agreement. The focus is on energy efficiency, renewable energies and, as a new field of action, climate-friendly financial flows.

The providers of publicly relevant services are pursuing individual targets up to 2026 and 2030 for energy efficiency, ecological electricity production, renewable heating and cooling, and renewable fuels. In principle, the goal is for the share of electricity from renewable sources to be 100 per cent for all these providers by 2026. In order to reach these targets, these participants are implementing 15 joint measures and a number of individual measures.

The institutional investors are setting themselves targets to make investments compatible with the Paris Agreement. Among other things, this includes companies being called on to operate in a more climate-friendly way by the participating pension funds and insurance companies that invest in them. They are also continuously reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the directly held real estate in their portfolio.

All participants report transparently on their target achievement and share their experiences so that other companies and organisations can use this information as a guide.

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