Das Bild zeigt eine energieeffiziente Wohnsiedlung der Suva in Bulle.

Suva combines prevention, insurance and rehabilitation under one roof. With 4,000 employees, Suva offers the following services to the companies it insures and their employees: prevention programmes relating to occupational and recreational safety in order to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses, professional claims management, rehabilitation and reintegration. Suva is involved in EEC in two different roles – as a not-for-profit social insurance company and as the largest asset manager in the institutional investors group.

Energy and climate

Suva has over 21 sites (18 agency offices, its head office in Lucerne and two rehabilitation clinics in Bellikon and Sion). By 2030, Suva intends to reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 60 per cent from the 2014 level to 3,600 tonnes CO2. It draws up an environmental impact assessment for its operating sites on an annual basis.

Furthermore, as an institutional investor, Suva adopted a climate strategy for its capital investments in 2022. It has pledged to gradually reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. In line with Switzerland’s climate targets, Suva is aiming to meet the following targets for the equities, corporate bonds and real estate asset classes: reduction in financed greenhouse gas emissions of 17 per cent by 2025 and 42 per cent by 2030, compared with 2019 levels. Its climate strategy is based on three pillars: engagement, management of climate risks and impact investing. The aim is to have an impact on the real economy. One area in which Suva could reduce greenhouse gas emissions is its investment properties, valued at CHF 6.9 billion.


Under the EEC initiative, Suva has pledged to meet the following targets:

1. Increasing energy efficiency

Benchmark: 2018/2019

  • Target for 2026: +9%
  • Target for 2030: +15%

2. Switching to renewable energies

Thermal energy and fuels

  • Target for 2026: 40% renewables
  • Target for 2030: 56% renewables


  • Target for 2026: 100% from renewable sources

3. Producing green power


  • Production in 2021: 0.9GWh
  • Target for 2026: +1.7GWh
  • Target for 2030: +1.4GWh


Like all the participants, Suva has undertaken to implement the joint measures. In addition, Suva is also implementing the following individual measures:

1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from business travel
2030: –10% CO2 compared with 2014

2. Net zero reduction path in operations
2030: –3,600t CO2eq compared with 2014

3. Net zero reduction path in capital investments
2030: –42% CO2eq (financed and direct greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1 + 2) compared with 2019

4. PET-free Suva
2030: –90% compared with 2020

5. Universally agreed targets at the company’s nine largest sites
2030: +30% energy efficiency compared with 2018/2019

Further information

Up-to-date information on the implementation status of this participant’s targets and measures is published in our Energy and Climate Report. Suva also provides information on its own website about its commitments in the area of energy and climate.